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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gempar - Bayi Dalam Rahim Bercakap

Three of the twins are still in their mother's womb are boring and start a conversation with each other.

Baby 1 : You two want to be what when we grow up?

Baby  2 : I want to be a TNB officials so that later on I may put the lights in our mother's is very dark.I can't see anything.

Baby 3 : I want to be officers of the Corporation seal water supply to ensure I can make the water channel in our mother's womb so that it could be out.

Baby 2 : How about you?

Baby 1 : I want to be a private investigator and investigate the long thing that is always in and out of our mother hole.Then when it is tired, it vomit us fluid that is very sticky and hot.
It had absolutely no manners.

Son 2 & 3 : ??????????




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