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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Joke Between Judge , Killer And Witness In The Court

A teenager was brought to the court on the three murders months ago ..a witness in relation to the incident is also called  ..follow the conversations that take place in court during the trial ...

Judge: You are found guilty on charges of killing a girl using a sickle.
"Hell YOU !!!!!!!!!!" the witness scream from the cage.
The judge replied with anger  .. "calm down, this is a court"

He then proceed with the trial that was disrupted.

Judge: You are also accused of killing a grandmother using a screwdriver ...

The witness then strongly screamed .. "Damn YOU"
Please bring your patience snapped ...!!!!!!!" the judge replied.

Judge: You are also charged for knocking a child's head using a hammer to death.
Suddenly,the witness shouts while stomping his feet,and said
"Woe to YOU *&^%&$#@!(&^%%(**&^@%%**.................."

The face of the judge becomes red as he is very frustrated and then replied ... "Even though you are a witness, but I will prosecute you for contempt of court 3 times ...."

With the trembling body,the witness answered slowly...

"i'm so sorry,i did not mean that.actually the killer is my best friend but every time I want to borrow a screwdriver, hammer and sickle he said ..


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Qisse said...

hahaha.. funny :)
no wonder la die mrh..

eQuRlz said...

hakhak.. tiap kali die nk bunuh org die baru beli kot.. sbb tu kwn die nk pinjam die xde :p

PeRmAtA bIrU said...

hahhah.. adoi... patutlah dia angin jer... rupa2nya... sebab kawan dia kedekut... adoi.. dia tak tau kawan dia pon pinjam barang tuh gak... untuk membunuh.. hahahah....

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