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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Health Info : If Your Menstruation Comes Late

Women must be confused when thinking about their irregular menstrual cycle..Here are some reasons for female readers who called it as a reference ...

1) Excessive prolactin hormone

   -egg production will be limited if your body produce the excessive prolactin hormone .This will cause your mentruation cycle will be less likely for months.You might feel your milk out of your breasts and having symptoms of dizziness ..Make sure you consult with your doctor as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of undesirable happens.

2) Overweight

   -Excess fat will affect instability hormones in our bodyTthis will lead to excessive production of estrogen that interferes with your menstrual cycle.So, make sure your weight is at optimum levels.

3) Stress

   -Hormone production is also influenced by the prevailing pressure on us whether physical or mental ..Stress hormone produced by the body when we are stressed out will disrupt the menstrual cycle and may stop it.

4) Pregnancy prevention

   -For your information ...Ovulation may be prevented if you used pessary.

5) Menopause

   -Menopause is the main reason why your menstrual cycle do not be on time .No need to worry because it will not threaten your health.It will only happens to women whose age is 40 and above..

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